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COVID-19 Hygiene Practices for Back to Work

Pre-bookings are now open for at-home massage.

You can now pre-book at-home massage for 4th July onwards. We’ll let you know if this date changes in line with government advice and we’ve made it so you can cancel or reschedule for free if you need to.

Steps I’m taking:

I am is now trained in COVID-19 safety as I have completed an externally accredited course that covers the key known facts about the coronavirus, as well as practical things like correct hand washing, face mask use and surface cleaning. Any symptoms and I would not be able to see a client and therefore self-isolate and ask that all clients do the same if they or a family member are showing any symptoms.

I need your help to keep me safe:

Wear a mask for home visits!

You’ll need to wear a mask or cloth face covering from the moment your practitioner rings the doorbell, and for home visits, I will do the same. I would be super grateful if you can use your own mask in the first instance. Check out these government guidelines, including advice on how to make your own mask from a t-shirt. 

Shower and/or wash your hands 

Have a shower and/or wash your hands thoroughly just before and after your treatment. Prepare the space and let fresh air in

If your treatment uses a table, clear 2x2m of floor space ahead of time.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to help you move furniture at the moment to reduce touch-points. If you can, open a window to let fresh air flow through the room – evidence suggests well-ventilated spaces help reduce COVID-19 transmission.

Don’t book if you or anyone of your household are self-isolating or have any symptoms.

Please cancel your booking or hold off on booking according to the NHS’s self-isolation guidelines. That could mean avoiding treatments for at least seven days from the first day of suspicious symptoms if you live alone, or for 14+ days if you live with other people.

Reschedule easily if you need to. Just get in touch and I will apply the COVID-19 cancellation policy which means you won’t be charged for cancelling up until two hours before your booking.

Questions? Message your practitioner


Once you’ve booked, you can message your practitioner at any time. You can send them any last-minute queries, or just use it to introduce yourself and reassure them you’re following all the safety guidelines.

Thank you for your trust and support!

Here’s to all the future connections, conversations and treatments that nourish mind, body and soul.

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