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Post Natal Massage

Find out why it’s just as important to treat yourself to a massage after you have a baby as before…

Anyone who’s had a prenatal massage understands the pure joy of a massage therapist offering an hour of relaxation, as they work carefully to relieve aches and pains that carrying a baby bring on the body!

But once baby has arrived, it’s equally as important, if a little trickier, to find time for that postnatal massage. Not only is your body recovering from childbirth, but your new job as a mum: carrying, feeding, falling asleep with your baby in strange positions, may be causing a whole new series of posture issues.

After speaking to a therapist about any specific issues you may have eg. pelvic pain, or pulled muscles following labour, you will most likely be treated to a mixture of deep tissue and Swedish massage.

Unless you have had a C-section, you can go for a massage as soon as you like. If you have had a Caesarean, it’s best to check things out with your doctor. At least two weeks post-labour is recommended, as infections and other complications are most likely to arise within that first fortnight.

Most positions post-natally are safe for a massage. Talk to your therapist about what’s most comfortable for you. If, for instance, you are breastfeeding and your breasts are feeling sore and tender, you may prefer to lie on your side rather than your tummy.

Post natal massage relieves generic aches and pains post-labour (back pain is a common niggle, helps relax muscles and restore energy when you’re feeling utterly drained.

It can also ease any tension in the shoulder areas caused by feeding, increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles.

Now armed with a little bundle that, cute as he or she may be, needs round the clock feeding and nappy changes, you might not have the time, or inclination, to get out for a massage. Without the hassle of leaving your house, you can close your eyes and enjoy getting pampered!!!

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