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What to know after your massage session…

~Rest: don't over do it, your muscles just had a workout. Take this time to read a book, watch a movie or just sit and relax.

~Stay hydrated: staying hydrated will help you from not getting a headache after your massage. Some people don't have a great experience for their first massage because they get a headache after it, this can be avoided with staying hydrated.

~Schedule you next Massage: why wait? Make your next appointment right away, take your therapists suggestion on when you should come back and book that appointment!

~Do home care between you massages: Doing home care between your massages will help you more than you think. Take your massage therapists suggestions and make sure you are doing what they suggest (i.e. ice or heat or both, hydrate, rest).

If you ever have questions on what you should be doing after or between your massage don't be afraid to ask your massage therapist...they are there to help!

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